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Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.
-John Green

John Green's words describe perfectly the way I have always felt about literature. I was a very sensitive child who felt things very deeply. Not surprisingly, I became a very sensitive adult who still feels things very deeply! Reading has always been the primary way for me to make sense of my world.

Now that I have children, ages 11 and 9, books are interwoven into the fabric of our family life. Sharing stories and snuggles with my two active kids helps ground us after a long and noisy day. (Yes, I still read aloud almost nightly, even to my 11-year-old!)

Here’s why: I learn more about my son and daughter by watching their reactions to certain characters and stories, and I'm often surprised at the connections they make to their own lives. Reading together brings us closer, and I can't wait to share some of our favorite titles with you.

As my kids have gotten older, they’ve become quite the little bookworms in their own right. As they clamored for more books to read on their own, it felt important to me to provide them with quality chapter and middle grade titles. Anything that would keep them engaged, keep them choosing to unwind with a great book after a long day.

I started this newsletter because I’m constantly recommending books to my friends and family for their children, and have received great feedback on my picks. In addition, while perusing our local bookstore or library, I often find myself helping strangers looking for books for their children! (Yup, I’m that person—and I love it.)

Why subscribe?

I understand it can feel daunting to find titles for your kids, especially when they begin reading independently and want longer books. It’s not as easy to flip through a chapter book or middle grade novel and determine whether its right for your reader.

The great thing is, I’ve done much of the work for you. I truly love these books and will provide you with detailed recommendations for new and older titles.

Our family also loves audiobooks, and we’ll listen in the car for hours during road trips or at home during quiet time. Because of this, I’ll pop in audiobook recommendations here and there.

I’m an educator with an MA in English Education and am currently working toward a certificate in Children’s Book Writing. Obviously, this doesn’t make me an expert, but it does mean that I spend a lot of time researching, reading, and reflecting on children’s literature.

I genuinely want to connect every reader with books that help them feel understood.

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